A.J. Michalka On Secretariat, 78Violet & Having Two First Names

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Last week we talked to Amanda "A.J." Michalka from 78Violet and Disney's upcoming movie, 'Secretariat.' She answered some of your questions and gave us deets on her music, her newest flick and why she goes by A.J. but is billed as Amanda in the movie.

"I like both but A.J. is what I go by mainly, so I guess I prefer that," she told us. "It's quick its short, it's kind of how everyone knows me."

Her relationship with her sister and band-mate Aly was something you guys wanted to know about so we asked her about that first and she spilled.

"We're super close," she says. "I think it's important to have a relationship with a sibling that you know will be there no matter what but I think it's also good to have your own life which is what Aly and I have had to have because Aly has recently moved to Vancouver for the show. We're not with each other everyday anymore but at the same time when I do see her I really, really cherish seeing her even more because I don't see her everyday. We're definitely like twins but we're very different. I think Aly and I are very much a like but with our own flavor as well."
Her new movie focuses on a champion horse, Secretariat, and its crazy endeavors and from what she told us about it, it looks awesome. A.J. has been riding horses since she was six years old but that she didn't get to ride any in the movie.

"None of us rode in the film; it's all professional horse back riding and it's racing so all of the jockeys are the only ones who ride the horses," she says. "It's pretty neat and I'd just watch them and be in awe."

We would be too, those horses seem fierce!

A JSYK reader wanted to know if A.J. works for any charities or causes. She actually works for a cause that helps horses like those in the movie.

"Being a part of this film, even before I booked Secretariat, I was a youth ambassador for Return to Freedom which is about raising awareness and saving wild Mustangs," she says. "These are creatures that are so important and that represent American soil. So for me to be a part of this film it is so heartwarming to have horses involved was so cool because I was already a part of that foundation."

Her music was something you guys wanted to know about too. She told us that 78Violet is always working on music whenever they can, even though they aren't currently together that much anymore (Aly's in Vancouver shooting Hellcats). They don't have a date or time when the next record will be released but she says it will most likely be next year. So, hopefully we won't have wait too much longer!

Another fan question we made sure to ask her was about her European fans and if her and Aly would ever consider going over there for a tour.

"We don't have a tour set or anything like that but we would love to tour Europe," she says. "We love our fans in Europe, we'd love to go overseas. I think its something Aly and I would both agree would be a blast. Just to know we have fans in other countries is just incredible."

'Secretariat' hits theaters on October 8. For showtimes and more info click here.



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