'Glee' Is Casting Kiddie Versions of Puck, Santana, Rachel, Mercedes and Guess Who Else?

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Glee is on the hunt for the kindergarten versions of Puck, Santana, Rachel, Mercedes, and...

Brittany! We already love her "where did that come from?" zingers - how much more awesome will they be coming from a 5-year-old? We're also picturing mini Puck with a mini Mohawk. What kind of storyline do you think Ryan Murphy is cooking up with the tots?

After last episode's mini Kurt, we have no doubt they'll find the perfect kids. In other Glee news, Jonathan Groff, who plays Rachel's heartbreaker Jesse, will be back for more.
"Jon Groff is definitely coming back next year," Ryan spills. "Next calendar year. He's not available until January, but he'll be in the back [nine] episodes of this season." Stay on your guard, Rachel!

Speaking of the diva, Ryan dishes, "I will tell you there is trouble ahead when Rachel plays spin the bottle!" Wonder if she has to kiss new Glee member Sam (who also has his eye on Quinn). Oooh, Finn's gonna be so mad!

We also know Gwyneth Paltrow will sub in for a sick Schue, and she'll cause drama among Emma, Will and Dr. Carl, who just may be sticking around longer than anyone planned.

"We haven't made any decisions about John [Stamos] yet, but we love him!" Ryan says. "I think he's been incredible so far on the show. And really funny."


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