Need Inspiration? 'The Boy Who Conquered Everest' Author Tells JSYK How to Achieve Any Goal

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Katherine Blanc wrote 'The Boy Who Conquered Everest,' a book that follows 14-year-old Jordan Romero on his mission to climb to the top of the tallest mountain on every continent. So far he's successfully reached six of those seven summits, including the world's highest Mount Everest, making him the youngest person to ever do so.

This winter Jordan will set out to conquer his final peak, Antarctica's Mount Vinson Massif.

JSYK recently caught up with Katherine, who lives in the same California town as Jordan and has been following his quests for the past four years.

"[I] kept thinking to myself, 'This would make a great story!' Finally I got up the courage to approach Jordan, and he loved the idea," the Big Bear Lake resident explains.
Katherine says that she wanted to write this book to inspire other people to follow their dreams. Easier said than done, right? To get on the right path, she advises teens with high aspirations to follow Jordan's example.

"Take a big goal and break it into smaller pieces. Celebrate the smaller victories, and keep moving in the direction of that goal...With focus and dedication, a simple idea can grow into a major achievement."

Besides Jordan's obvious hard-working and determined qualities, Katherine reveals to us that he's also a kind and generous person.

"Jordan is humble, thoughtful, and he's not afraid to work hard for what he wants. He cares deeply about people, animals, and the environment," the author spills. "He even picked up trash from the trail on his way up Mount Everest."

Although nature will play a major role in determining whether Jordan successfully achieves his goal of reaching the highest point on each continent, Katherine confesses that she's "confident in Team Jordan's skills and abilities."

Keep up with Jordan's mission by following him on Twitter @TeamJordanR.


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