Straight From Life Unexpected's Shaun Sipos' Mouth: Tonight 'Lux and Eric Might Get Found Out'

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Shaun Sipos -- who plays easy-on-the-eyes teacher Eric -- was granted a week off from shooting Life Unexpected, so he jetted back to Los Angeles to enjoy some free time...and dish spoilers to yours truly.

Tonight you'll see familiar faces on LUX if you're a One Tree Hill fan. That's because Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley) and Kate Voegele (Mia) are coming to Portland for a music festival run by Cate's morning show. Now to the juicy stuff...
During the episode, Shaun promises "some previous trouble" will rear its ugly head. He just may be referring to a secret of Cate's that sees the light of day this week. Another kid in foster care? Highly doubt it. So what did Shaun have to say about his character's um, shady student/teacher relationship with Lux?

"Teenagers in general are sort of ruled by their emotions," the 28-year-old tells us. "When someone's not getting their way, they'll throw fits or act in a manner that can be risky. Lux will act in a risky manner and possibly could almost get them found out."

By whom?? Lux's already on thin ice with that school. A scandal of this scale won't exactly boost her image any.

By the way, Shaun's character may be a tad sketch, but in real life this guy is much classier. Much to my chagrin, he's not the kiss-and-tell type.

"I am pleading the fifth," he coyly replies when I ask if we'll be treated to more Luxic smooch time.

Then again, if you watched last week's episode, Paige was glancing goo goo eyes at the "it's complicated" teacher in the gym. Will that lead somewhere?

"Can you write down that I said maybe in a saucy tone?" Shaun jokes.

Duly noted, Mr. Sipos.

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