Would Your Parents Pay You to Quit Facebook?

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"I didn't know I was truly addicted," Alyssa Rushing says about her Facebook habits.

Alyssa was spending so much time on the social networking site that her mom offered her a deal: Quit Facebook for one month and use that time to study instead in exchange for $300.

Alyssa accepted the challenge and now jokes she's going through "Facebook detox."
"It's very hard," the University of South Carolina student confesses. "It was actually a lot harder the first couple of days."

So she wouldn't be tempted to log on, Alyssa's roommates changed her password. Now she has an extra three or four hours a day, and even turned in a few class papers early.

"It's definitely made me see I could spend my time more wisely," she reveals. "Now that I see I can stay off it...I might not even go on every day."

Would your parents ever make you the same offer? Would you take it if they did?



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