Are Damon and Bonnie Going to Hook Up on 'The Vampire Diaries?' We Want That.

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Did Bonnie create a magic love potion on Vampire Diaries?

"She's going to be getting interest from somebody that she already knows, and she's going to meet somebody new who strikes her fancy," the show's executive producer Julie Plec reveals about this teen witch's relationship status.

We're hoping that one-third of the love triangle will involve Damon. After all, opposites attract, right?

Kat Graham told told us, "It would be nice for her to have someone...but Bonnie's not a selfish person. I think that maybe having someone in her life right now when she's got all this mess to deal with -- and she'd have to drag them into it -- would really play on her emotions."

If she dated Damon, she's not dragging him into the mess, because he causes a lot of it. We're just saying. Plus, Damon needs a girl like Bonnie who can challenge him and keep him on his toes. It's like he has vampire dating ADD, and girls who don't spark his curiosity end up as his snack.
If Damon does get dealt a crappy hand in this love triangle scenario, and Bonnie chooses the new guy over him, think about how destructive he'll be after getting rejected twice.

Speaking of jealous rage, Katherine's sure to have it out for Bonnie after she learns that Damon's no longer at home pining away for her. And that's the making of great TV right there.



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