Is Jasmine V Getting Backlash For Making Out With Justin Bieber?

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Last week, we posted Jasmine Villegas' new single, 'All These Boys,' for you to check out, but nearly half of you weren't feeling the 16-year-old's song. What we want to know is: why?

When we asked you what you thought of the single, over 45 percent of our readers said they weren't into it. The rest of the voters were split between those who thought the song was decent (31 percent) and those who thought it was awesome (23 percent).
Jasmine has an army of fans -- they're even called Jasminators -- who have contributed to over 22 million video plays on YouTube. Many of her uploads have hundreds of thousands of views, and the California native boasts over 300,000 followers on Twitter. So why aren't people into her new song?

One JSYK reader stepped up to the plate to give us some sort of explanation: "It's good, but it sounds too much like Nicki Minaj," MCRSNT82297 commented.

Is that how the rest of you feel? A little over three weeks ago, Jasmine was caught kissing Justin Bieber, and Beliebers all over the world were super bummed about the news. So, are you really not into the dancehall vibe of 'All These Boys' or are you letting your feelings about the situation with Justin affect your opinion? Listen to the song again, take our new poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

'All These Boys' by Jasmine Villegas



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