Justin Bieber Gets Carved Into a Pumpkin. It's a Bieb-er'-lantern!

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Matt's pumpkin is sure to gain fans worldwide, but his friends aren't among them.

"My friends are used to me carving pumpkins of celebrities," he says. "I have, however, gotten some flak for this one. It's not easy to get away with this one without some taunting being a 28 year old married male with two kids. People who don't know me will think I'm a little strange for doing it. When you've got Bieber Fever, there are very few remedies. This happened to be one that I found."

Are you carving pumpkins this weekend? Get awesome pumpkin carving tips here and get the full scoop on Matt's Bieb-er'-lantern here. What are you carving on your pumpkin?


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