Meet Callan McAuliffe from 'I Am Number Four'

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Callan McAuliffe plays Sam in the upcoming film, "I Am Number Four." We recently sat down with the 15 year-old on the set of "I Am Number Four" in Pittsburgh, PA and he was totally adorbs.

Because he's somewhat new to the scene, we were curious how long he has been acting. He told us, "A couple of years at least. I started when I dislocated my kneecap and I needed something else to do."

Interesting! You might have actually seen him in the movie, "Flipped," which was actually his first, big American gig.

In "I Am Number Four" his character Sam is somewhat different and kind of gets picked on by the others. We asked Callan if, similar to his character, he ever got picked on or bullied in school.

"Some of the kids give me s*** for being an actor but it comes with the job. Most people don't care."

We def don't care. He's really like every other normal teen. He told us that he works on school work and has a tutor on set. He likes to read but when we asked him if he likes "Twilight" he said, "Oh God no. I read the first book and it had a start and an end. Same with the movie, start and an end."

Of course we disagree with that, but everyone has their own opinions. At least he knows that school comes first. As far as other things that he likes, he told us that on his iPod he listens to, "Soundtrack music and people like Hans Zimmer that do like Pirates of the Caribbean. I think they're really cool..." When it comes to the music for "I Am Number Four" he said he isn't sure what they're doing but he hopes they get an awesome composer.

To find out more about Callan peep his website and don't forget to catch him in "I Am Number Four" when it comes out on February 18th, 2011.

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