All Carrots Vending Machines in High Schools: Too Much?

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They're small, crunchy, and easy to eat on the go, so it makes sense why high schools are starting to install baby carrots vending machines.

This first-ever marketing campaign for baby carrots is called "Eat 'Em Like Junk Food," and hopes students will opt for the orange veggies over chips and sugar-filled snacks. It's no exaggeration that almost one-third of children and teens are obese or overweight. To fight this dangerous epidemic, some schools aren't completely banning cookies and soda; instead, they're providing students with more options.
But is the colorful packaging and action-packed commercials, which are"'brought to you by a bunch of carrot farmers," meant to trick you into buying the carrots or is it all in good fun?

This is just the latest phase in the already ongoing efforts to make healthier food options more available in schools. Ice cream bars are going in freezers without glass doors so they remain out of sight, and a school in upstate New York created an express lunch line for make-your-own subs and wraps.

"It's like our own little Subway," says sophomore Sterling Smith.

We hopped on Twitter to ask if you'd want a baby carrots vending machine in your school. IQSweetie replied, "Nah i hate carrots :)"

What about you? Is this a smart way to help you eat better during the day?



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