Exclusive: Caitlin Beadles Shares Her Emotional Story of Being Pronounced Dead

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Two of my friends and I were riding the Jet Ski, while the rest of the crew was about to go out on the lake in a canoe that would be pulled by a boat. We were having a blast, jumping waves, doing donuts, and flipping everyone off the Jet Ski. We all flipped the Jet Ski over and were in the water complaining about how badly the water cramming up our ears hurt, and how we had whiplash. Thinking that was bad, we couldn't imagine what was yet to come.

It's funny how we will stub a toe, or have a headache and complain about that. But someone is always worse off than you, no matter how bad something seems. As we were climbing back on the Jet Ski, it filled with water so we all jumped off. My other two friends were on the left side of it while I was on the right. As I turned my head, I saw the boat dragging the canoe coming right at me. The driver was looking behind him, so he never saw me. Before I could even try to swim away from it, I threw my head back. The propellers chopped up my left leg, and tore through my muscle, nerves, skin, and the major artery leading to my heart.

The metal pole attached to the propeller went through my right leg and broke my femur. I looked back as soon as I was hit, and my friends on the canoe ran me over, too. The guy driving the boat didn't even know he hit me so he kept driving.

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