Glee Debate: Are You Team Quick or Team Sinn?

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Chord Overstreet
may or may not be single in real life, but on screen he's definitely pulling for a Sam and Quinn hookup.

"I really love working with Dianna so far, and we have good chemistry," Chord explains. "I'd definitely like to see that go somewhere. There's a spark between us, and something there that Sam will try to pursue. He has to be delicate with it because of what happened with Quinn and the baby last year. He understands that about her, and is trying to take a slow approach to it."
How's Puck going to handle Sam making the moves on his baby mama?

"It all depends on how Puck still feels about Quinn," the Nashville, Tennessee native dishes. "We could get at it with each other. He obviously had a kid with her. He's in juvie now and in comes the new guy stealing his ex-woman?"

Puck's pretty much been a jerk to Quinn in the past (sexting Santana behind her back, for instance), but hey, juvie could make this Glee rebel a changed man.

We could be causing all of this excitement for nothing. We mentioned before that there have been hints that Puck's character could be written off of the show.. Would you like to see that happen?

Are you rooting for more Quinn and Sam Breadsticks dates? JSYK Twitter follower LittleMsBerry tells us she's "QUICK FTW." (Read: Quinn + Puck For The Win.)



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