Caitlin Beadles' Story Continues: "I Was Tired of Being Their Human Pin Cushion"

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You may already know Caitlin Beadles as Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend and best friend. Now it's time to meet the real Caitlin -- a courageous 16-year-old Georgia girl who survived a tragic boating accident. After receiving 6,000 stitches in one leg, undergoing countless surgeries and over a year of grueling physical therapy, Caitlin's telling her inspiring story for the first time to JSYK. Check back every afternoon this week to read about Caitlin's painful experience and find out what she's learned about life and strength in her own words. Click here to read Caitlin's story from the beginning.

I began writing simple words since I couldn't talk. The pain felt like it was just getting worse. Weeks went by and they moved me to a different floor. People could visit me any time now, but I still couldn't move so I spent all day in bed.

I cried most days because I wanted to get out of there. I wanted something for the pain. I was tired of being their human pin cushion. Every night they would draw blood, and every three days I had to get a new IV without being numbed. I was beginning to get bed sores.

I was going crazy, but day by day I started to become more like myself. A few of the girls from the lake came and saw me, so I decided to play a little joke on them since I'm such a prankster!

I was in bed, unable to move, and you could barely hear my voice. Everyone was just standing there looking at me with tears in their eyes. I hated everyone being so sad. My mom asked me, 'Caitlin, do you know who these people are?' Yes. 'Do you know their names?' she asked, and I stuttered, 'Maarrgaret, Nancy, Katiee.' Those weren't my friends' names, and after everyone looked at my mom like they were about to cry, I said, 'I'm messing with ya'll!' I just wanted to see them smile!
Days went by, more surgeries happened, and I received a mix of good and bad news. I was able to transfer to the rehab floor of a hospital I spent time in before. I had a schedule, and each day I worked my bum off. I had to learn how to move my legs and walk all over again. They'd wake me up at 7 in the morning for weight lifting class. Although it got on my nerves how they'd barge in, turn the bright lights on, and pull the sheets off of me, I knew this was really important. I asked for five pound weights, but was told, 'Sweetie, that's too much for you. Let's go with the one pound weight.' I thought that was really funny.

I had to get a shot in my stomach twice a day. It hurt worse than getting your blood drawn. I asked the doctor when that would end, and he said when I started to walk. I was determined to stop those shots, so each day I'd take a few steps with the walker, slowly improving. Weeks went by, and I started taking more and more steps.

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