Want Cool Nails Like Katy Perry and Gaga? Let's Talk About Minx.

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Did you happen to see Katy Perry's nails at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? She had tiny pictures of her beau Russell Brand on her hands. Seriously. Lady Gaga and Beyonce have both rocked metal-like manicures in their videos, and you've probably seen other stars with seemingly impossible nail designs that you knew weren't created by regular polish. What you were drooling over is called Minx, and not only did I try it out, but I also found a way for you to get the look for less.

First, what is Minx? Basically, they're individual decals for your nails, and more simply, they're like heavy duty stickers. They come in tons of different designs and last anywhere from 4-8 days, just like a regular manicure, but the treatment costs an average of $55. Kinda pricey, we know.
katy perry russell brand nailsBut, I just had to know what it was like, so I went to a little place in NYC and sat down for the one-hour manicure. It involved the usual stuff -- nail filing, cuticle cutting, etc. -- but then it came time for the decals. I chose a silver houndstooth pattern and my technician started applying them to my nails very carefully.

First, she matched the right sized patch to my finger, and peeled the decal off of the sheet before putting the sticky side underneath a hot lamp. This is to warm up the glue so it stays on your nails better. She gently placed it on my finger and began smoothing it out with an orange stick to make sure there were no bumps or bubbles.

The she took a fine nail file and smoothed off the excess Minx from the tip of my nail. When she was finished with each finger, she applied a layer of top coat and then I was done. They feel light as a feather, are super smooth and drying time was only a few minutes. Check out a pic of the finished product on the right.

Minx has been around for a while, but it's slowly making its way to nail salons around the country. You need to be a trained technician to do the special manicure, and they're not always easy to find. Plus, the cost of the Minx manicure is kind of high, which is why the company teamed up with Sephora and OPI to create Chic Prints for Nails, a $15 alternative to Minx. How cool is that?

chic prints for nails

Right now, Sephora's site carries eight designs like tiger, anchor and black and gold geometric, but more patterns are available in their stores. You don't get as much of a selection as you do with Minx, but for $15, you can get the same look without breaking the bank. You just need to have patience (or a really good friend) to put these decals on.

It's almost been a week since I got the manicure and my little nail patches are holding strong. There's a little lifting on the edges, but they've lasted just as long as I was promised. To take them off, all I need to do is peel them away. Jordin Sparks and Rihanna are also huge fans of the look as you can see from our sweet photo gallery. What do you think? Will you try Minx or Chic Prints for Nails?

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