Taylor Spreitler Talks Fashion, 'Teen Mom' And Justin Bieber

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Just like the rest of us, Taylor Spreitler is 'addicted' to Teen Mom, "I like Catelynn," she tells us. "She seems the most normal." We're chatting with Taylor on the phone about a month ago -- we were supposed to talk the day before but we messed up the time, something Taylor was totally cool about. Come to think of it, Taylor is kind of like your instant BFF. Before our conversation was over, she'd invited me to a live taping of 'Melissa and Joey' in L.A. and told me where I should go for brunch when I'm there. Gotta love that. Check out the rest of our super-fun interview with Taylor below.

Were you a Melissa Joan Hart fan before you booked the show?
I didn't really watch 'Sabrina' [the Teenage Witch], but I watched 'Clarissa Explains It All'. I bought a 'Clarissa Explains It All' T-shirt at Hot Topic to wear to work and embarrass Melissa.

Lennox is a rule breaker. What about you?
There's certain rules that are made to be broken but for the most part I guess I follow the rules. The important ones I follow. The ones that would get me into deep trouble, I follow those, the little ones not so much.

Well do you have a curfew?
Yes, it depends who I'm with or where I'm going. If I'm going out, out then I have an early curfew. If I go to my friendís house it can be a little bit later.
Describe Lennox's style?
She definitely wears some interesting stuff. Our wardrobe fittings are pretty fun. it's like lets go find something that would totally not look right with this except when we do it, it will look right. We throw on different T-shirts and layer them with these crazy things. It's a lot of fun being able to step into her closest.

We saw Lennox with a Marc by Marc Jacobs mini purse... probably not in a teenager's budget.
I wear a lot of Marc Jacobs stuff. A lot of my stuff is Urban Outfitters or bags or pants or dresses are Marc Jacobs. You have everything that everyday kids wear but then you have these designer things.

Did you ever audition for any other shows on ABC Family?
I did but there were some difficulties because I was doing Days [of our Lives]. I think I actually booked a part on a ABC Family show but then I couldnít do it because I was on Days and committed to that. I think it might have been for Make It or Break It or even Secret Life. It was like oh yeah you booked it but you can't do it.

Is the show really taped in front of a live audience?
Yeah it is. Every Friday night we tape in front of a live audience.

Isn't that scary?
It is. Because I've never done theater. Joey, Melissa, and the boy who plays my little brother has done theater or sitcoms before. So I was freaking out and was scared the first time. We all get excited for Friday nights because of the adrenaline and our audience. Our audience is crazy! Roger who is our audience warm-up guy said that people are always dancing and talking. They play Joey's old song and they sing along to them.

What happens if you mess up?
It's just the same as if you were taping. When we mess up we make a joke about it so that way it's funny to the audience that we messed up. A couple weeks ago Melissa messed up her line, she reworded it so then my line didnít make sense so then I had to change my line but we did it on the spot but as soon as I changed my line then her other line didn't make sense. So then she got confused and we literally stared at each other for thirty seconds before realizing anything. Then she was like wait I messed up my line didnít I? And the audience thought it was so funny. They find it hilarious when we mess up so it makes it easier. So then we do the scenes over again and the laughs arenít as loud as the first time.

What's on your iPod right now?
'I've Been Thinking About Something' by Hanson.

Justin Bieber or NSN?
Justin Bieber.

Check out clips & full episodes from 'Melissa and Joey' below. New episodes air Tuesdays on ABC Family.


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