Which Celeb Should Cut Her Hair Off Next?

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Short hair is all the rage these days -- Emma Watson went with an amazing pixie cut, Ashlee Simpson just chopped her long locks, and now Scarlett Johansson has joined the cropped 'do movement. Which starlet should go short next? Here are our top picks:

Celeb: Selena Gomez
Recommended cut: Pixie
Why she should get chopped: Selena is a beauty, but she's been rocking the long hair look for a while now. In fact, we've noticed she's going shorter and shorter lately -- she's got a shoulder-length bob now. We think the 'Round and Round' singer should follow in Emma's footsteps with a super sweet pixie to help bring out her chocolate brown eyes and petite features.
Celeb: Demi Lovato
Recommended cut: Chin-length bob
Why she should get chopped: Over the summer, Demi changed her hair color from dark to light, so we know she's got an adventurous spirit. But while we're still wondering if she should dye her hair brown again, why not go the extra mile and get a whole new 'do? We think a chin-length bob would highlight the angles in Demi's face and give her a fresh and dramatic look.

Celeb: Miley Cyrus
Recommended cut: Long layered bob
Why she should get chopped: Miley has been walking on the wild side for a while now, so cutting her locks off wouldn't being that surprising of a move, but we think the 'Can't Be Tamed' singer could use a fresh look. Miley has a heart-shaped face, so we don't think she should go too short, but a long layered bob would highlight those cherubic cheeks perfectly.

Celeb: Dianna Agron
Recommended cut: Short with long side-swept bangs
Why she should get chopped: Let's face it, Dianna would look good with any haircut, but her eyes are so mesmerizing that we think she should draw more attention to them with a fresh style. We'd love it if she went with a super short 'do, but left her bangs long and side-swept so that they hit the top of her cheekbones. Hello, instant drama! %Poll-54657%


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