New 'Vampire Diaries' Poster Suggesting Damon's Not Over Katherine After All?

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A new Vampire Diaries poster was just released and wow. Steamy, seductive looks much?

The poster reads "Hot Blooded," and we're going to take a stab at guessing that's Katherine in the picture and not Elena. Her hair's curled, and that's the 500(plus)-year-old vampire's trademark. Plus "hot blooded" is a play on "cold blooded" -- a vampire necessity.

Although Ian Somerhalder (Damon) professes up and down that his character is over his vengeful ex, this poster begs to differ. Look: She has one arm around Stefan, but not quite touching his neck. Metaphor for how she just can't seem to get him back either? But then there's Damon, and they're holding hands? Interesting.

"You know, I think he's done with her," Ian Somerhalder says.

We disagree. They have a few more centuries of playing mind games with each other left. Not to mention, there is no way that jealousy didn't play a part in why Damon ripped out Mason's (Taylor Kinney) heart. Speaking of Mason's tragic demise, "Ian reveals, It was a lot of long days of shooting. Taylor's awesome, we adore each other, and it's so funny that we have to hate each other. He's a sweetie pie."
Are you sad to see Mason go? Should they have kept his character going for more episodes?



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