Silly Bandz Game Gives Angry Birds a Run For Its Money

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You know Silly Bandz as a fashion accessory, but the company is branching out way beyond Justin Bieber bracelets. This December, Zoo Games is releasing Silly Bandz as a video game for Nintendo DS, and we just spent all morning playing it.

We know what you're thinking -- how fun can a Silly Bandz game be? Well, we can tell you first-hand that it's super fun. The game is set up a lot like Angry Birds except you're shooting a Silly Band to hit cages that have trapped bands inside them. It's all physics-based, so you need to use this right trajectory to free the captured bands, and once you have, they become part of your collection.

There are 40 levels to the game, and each one has bands in the shape of animals, trees, boats and people, totaling 200 different varieties. The bands themselves also have special powers -- some multiply and some explode. You can play alone or with a friend in four different environments: nature, maritime, party and fantasy.
The best part about the DS game is that it comes with an exclusive 12-pack of video game-themed Silly Bandz in shapes like a game controller, joystick, arcade game and pinball machine. How cool is that?

The game is really colorful and totally addictive. It definitely gets harder as you advance, so be prepare to be frustrated, but it's all in good fun. Silly Bandz will also be available for the iPhone soon, so we expect plenty of stars to be hooked on it like they are on Angry Birds. Check out images from the game below. Are you psyched for the Silly Bandz game?

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