Where's the Love for Mark Salling's Album from His 'Glee' Co-Stars?

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Just what exactly is going on with Mark Salling and Glee? Puck's been missing for a couple episodes, and we know you're missing him.

JSYK reader Mary told us a couple weeks ago, "Puck is GREAT. Such a great combination of dumb jock, sensitive guy and terrific comedian...and he can sing! Loved the Billy Joel song last week. I sure hope they bring him back soon."

Mark Salling is back to work filming upcoming episodes (phew), but still, something is up surrounding the lack of Puck. And the evidence is on Twitter.
The Glee cast always seems very chummy and completely supportive of one another, right? Take for instance Heather Morris' big Britney/Britney episode. Everyone was tweeting like crazy. Same goes for when someone wins an award or gets nominated; not to mention the cast actually enjoys hanging out together after work.

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Harry Shum, Jr. just saw Paranormal Activity 2 together this week, and Lea tweeted on October 10, "Had an awesome dinner with my glee kids last night."

So here's the suspicious part: Yesterday Mark Salling tweeted, "Just a reminder that pipe dreams is officially released today, download the album off itunes or check out the single 'the fugitive' thanks."

No one from the cast attended his premiere party (supposedly due to their filming schedule -- okay, we kinda get that), but we couldn't find any tweets from the cast that mentioned Mark's solo album on Twitter. At all.

That's so unlike their usual Twitter love fests with one another; is jealousy roaming on the Glee set because Mark's the first member to release a solo album? Was the cast warned by their bosses not to acknowledge his album on Twitter? Something fishy is going on here. Conspiracy theories, anyone?

Check out Mark's adorable YouTube video professing his love for the whole Glee cast and crew. We hope that's still a mutual feeling!


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