Greyson Chance Opens Up at the 'What Teens Want' Conference

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Greyson Chance just released his debut single, 'Waiting Outside the Lines,' and after performing the song on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Tuesday, the 13-year-old stopped by the What Teens Want conference in Los Angeles to talk about his album, being compared to Justin Bieber and, of course, that famous Lady Gaga cover.

JSYK and Cambio were at the two-day conference where Greyson took the stage to answer some of our burning questions. One of the biggest topics was his forthcoming debut album, which we found out is slated to come out early next year. Greyson will release one more single before then. Exciting stuff!
What song is it? We're not sure, but when the singer-songwriter appeared on 'Ellen,' he talked about a song called 'Purple Sky,' which was inspired by teen bullying. We think that one's a strong contender. At the conference, Greyson admitted to being a victim of bullying for liking Lady Gaga, but during his interview with Ellen, he said his bullying wasn't too bad. "It was just name calling and stuff like that, but it still hurts no matter what it is," he told the talk show host.

But that love of Lady Gaga was exactly what brought Greyson into the spotlight. In fact, the two actually share the same manager, Troy Carter, and he says a top secret collaboration between the pop stars is in the works. "It's coming," he promised. "Very soon."

Greyson Chance on Ellen

However, a Justin Bieber duet may not be so guaranteed. Although Greyson admires the way JB involves his fans in so many of his decisions -- picking out singles and video concepts -- he said the comparisons aren't really accurate. "We sing different music," he explained. "He's more R&B/hip-hop and I'm pop/rock."

But Greyson has taken a technological cue from Bieber. After being such a hit on YouTube, the Oklahoma native signed up for Twitter, which took a bit of getting used to at first since no one he knew really had it. "I thought, 'What's a retweet?' Now I've actually figured out how to use it," he said. "I love Twitter to death now because I think it's such a cool tool to be able to connect to fans."

And Greyson plans to keep the lines of communication open when it comes to the micro-blogging site. "I know what it's like on the other side," he said, adding, "I want [my fans] to feel connected. I try to follow as many people as I can."

For someone who didn't know about Twitter before this year, Greyson is certainly hooked up now. He loves his iPod, just got an iPad for his birthday and even has a Blackberry as his "business phone." Nowadays, tapping into technology is the norm. "You're always on the cell phone, always on the iPod," he added. "Technology is a thing that always surprises me."

Check out Greyson's performance of 'Waiting Outside the Lines' below, and get it on your iPod via iTunes now. What do you think of the first single? Are you psyched for Greyson's debut album?



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