A 'Glee' Wedding is Happening: Who Do You Think Will Get Hitched?

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This week, the Glee cast took a field trip away from the Paramount lot to the Congressional Church of Northridge to film a wedding. The guys clean up well, huh? Except, does Chord Overstreet have a fake black eye? Ut-oh. Sounds like a Sam/Puck brawl over Quinn is looming. Or is that black eye courtesy of Finn? We know someone gets expelled...and it's not Puck.

So, who's taking a trip down the aisle? Burt Hummel and Finn's mom Carole...at least we hope. We know Kurt's on the same page; after all, he is the one responsible for hooking up the two single parents. Just one problem: Burt kicked Finn out of the house, but we're pretty confident the two football-loving guys will make up before the wedding episode airs.
Rachel, Brittany, Mercedes, and Tina were all spotted wearing short red dresses. Braidsmaids? And not to be outdone, UsWeekly reports that Sue will attempt to marry herself. For reals? How is that even possible?


In between takes, Mark Salling, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, and Chris Colfer hit the swings. How fun! No sightings of Darren Criss, though. He plays Blaine, Kurt's new boyfriend (psst: they sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" together on the upcoming holiday album) and makes his Glee debut on November 9.

Technically Darren hasn't revealed that he'll be Kurt's love interest, but he have a hunch he's Kurt's kinda guy.

"Yes, of course, we all want to see Kurt have a love interest of some kind, just because we want to see the good guys get what should come to them," Darren says. "However, I think as a thematic element, I think it's more interesting to me at this point to see Kurt having a role model in someone he can really truly relate to and whether or not that evolves in some kind of romantic relationship, who knows?"

Are you happy Burt and Carole may be getting married?



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