Exclusive: Hey Monday Stops by JSYK to Talk About Warped Tour and More

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Hey Monday stopped by the JSYK office a little while ago, and we got the inside scoop of what life on the road with the 2010 Vans Warped Tour was like. The band always aspired to be a part of the summer-long roadshow, so it was pretty much a dream come true for the Florida natives.

"I remember thinking, oh man, Warped Tour would be sweet! And, well... there we are, playing Warped Tour," guitarist Mike Gentile tells us.
Every day, Mike says, more and more fans learned their lyrics and sang along. Hey Monday was one of the few female-fronted bands on the Warped Tour lineup, but lead singer Cassadee Pope said there were some definite perks. "I get to shower more easily," she laughed. "There's no line!"

The guys, however, have a different method of staying fresh on the road. "The laundry is a bottle of Febreze, but you wouldn't believe the grime you pick up on tour!" Mike shared. Um, TMI?

The band also regaled us with stories about "The Wall of Death" in Texas, where a football sized crowd split in two and a ton of kids ran and met in the middle. "Watching it was like looking at an ant pile of a thousand of fans going insane!" the guys said.

hey monday acoustic performance

Then there was rockstar manicure-sporting Tyson Ritter from the All-American Rejects. "He can do anything he wants," they band said, which explains why he spent a whole song crowd-surfing on a giant mattress.

There were touching moments, too. For instance, Cassadee once got a fan letter from a girl who said she's been listening to Hey Monday ever since Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy discovered them and put them on his mix tape. She wrote that Hey Monday songs helped her get through a breakup and she hopes to be a singer someday. The band thinks that's just as cool as any crazy tour story.

Of course, some fans have gone out of their way to profess their love for the band's gorgeous lead singer. "I've been proposed to so much!" Cassadee reveals. "It happens at least one time a day on tour. Warped Tour is more dudes than I've ever seen in one place. Some are young and I feel very bad, so I just say...'Maybe in a few years' to everyone."

The tour was a great success for the band, but the best part was making friends for life. "We would have never had a chance to tour with the hardcore bands," Cassadee said. "We all became friends. The harder bands are scary hardcore, but so nice!"

Watch Hey Monday's exclusive acoustic performance and check out photos from their visit below. 'Beneath It All' is available in stores and on iTunes now, and the band is currently on tour with The Ready Set through November 27.

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