My First Justin Bieber Concert

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I saw Justin Bieber in concert in Anaheim, CA on Wednesday and I liked it. And here's why.

But first, a small confession: I'm not that into pop music... including Mr. Bieber's stuff. Don't get me wrong, play 'Baby' around me and I'll be singing it all day -- I love it. But if you turn on my iPod, it's made up mostly of artists from Twilight soundtracks like Metric, Anya Marina and Muse.

But when the opportunity to see Justin perform live came around, I knew I wanted to check it out. And while the music was great, here are my five non-music-related highlights from last night, a.k.a. the reasons I would tell you to go check out the show if you can.

The sea of Beliebers. The most exciting part of the night was entering The Honda Center and seeing thousands of JB fans all wearing Justin Bieber T-shirts, waving Justin Bieber light sticks in one hand and taking pics with their cell phones in the other. It was loud. So loud, that if I hadn't had the earplugs from my flight with me, I might not have been able to stay. Jon Chu, the director of the upcoming Never Say Never 3D movie knew this. He was there to capture audio he had missed in the Madison Square Garden concert.
Justin's home movies.
At one point, Justin goes backstage to change outfits and fans are treated to several minutes of Justin's childhood videos, some of them can be seen in the trailer for 'Never Say Never' 3D, but there was a lot more including a much younger Justin singing Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A River.' It was especially cool to see that Justin was musically-inclined even as a toddler who could play the drums and guitar.

Using his popularity for a good cause. Bravo to Justin. During one very short break, a video of him driving popped up on the screen. Was it something about his awesome wheels? Nope. Getting his license? Nope. It was a short message he taped to tell all the fans there that he personally never texts while he's driving. That was awesome.

Jaden Smith brought it. We know he can act. And we know he can dance. But we had no idea Jaden could rap. But rap he did on one song with Justin during the night and he was amazing!

One less lonely girl. In probably the most genuine (or not) moment of the night, Justin brings a very lucky Belieber up on stage to give roses to and sing the last part of 'One Less Lonely Girl' at while brushing the hair out of her eyes and leaning in for a kiss (but pulling away at the last minute). Now either Justin is just really good at faking this part after so many shows, or he had actual chemistry with the girl, who was beyond excited.

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