In Puck Withdrawal? Listen to Mark Salling's New Album 'Pipe Dreams'

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After Mr. Schue announced that Puck was headed to juvenile hall, we were worried that Mark Salling had been written off of Glee, but now we know that he'll be back on the show next week. Phew! So, in honor of his return, we're hosting a full CD listening party of the actor's just-released debut album, 'Pipe Dreams.'

If you've been peeping Mark's webisodes, you know that the Texas native fell in love with music after watching the movie 'Amadeus.' His big brother also played a part in his musical career by lending him his guitar and introducing him to bands he had never heard before.
Mark originally went to L.A. to pursue a career in music, but when the opportunity to audition for a new musical comedy came up, he took it. And the rest is history.

Still, the Glee star wanted to get his songs out there for the world to hear. "I think there's also that desire from performers [and] musicians to be validated," he says. "You don't want to paint a picture and have no one ever see it."

Well, here it is. Listen to all 11 songs from Mark's debut album below. 'Pipe Dreams' is available on iTunes now. What do you think of his songwriting skills?

'Migration'mark salling cd cover

'Lone Ranger'

'Higher Power'

'Mary Poppins'

'The Descent (Confessions of a Ghost)'

mark salling glee

'Musical Soulmate'

'Willing and Wonderful'

'Scarlet Glasses'


'Pipe Dreams'



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