5 Reasons Why We Think Kinect for Xbox 360 Rules

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We've been talking about "Project Natal" for quite some time, and now it's here -- but with a new name. Microsoft officially unveiled Xbox Kinect today, and we are beyond excited about the revolutionary gaming system. Why should you put down your Wiimote or PS3 controller? Here are five good reasons:

1. Hello, no controllers! The most amazing feature of Kinect is that it's remote-free. That's right, buh-bye annoying cords. See you later lost controllers. Kinect uses an invisible infrared light and special sensor to track 48 points of your body so that you can play with physical movements.
2. You get to stay active. We've all suffered sore muscles (and maybe a bruise or two) from playing the Wii, but because you're not using a remote with this system, you really have to put your body into it. We're talking running in place, jumping, waving your arms and more. Sorry, parents -- you can't yell at us for "sitting around" playing video games anymore.

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3. You can chat on it. Not only does Kinect have an infrared light, but it also includes a video camera and microphone. The features allow for facial recognition and voice command, but you can also chat with your friends, even ones that don't have Kinect. If you have a Windows Live, MSN or Hotmail account, you're good to go.

4. You can upgrade your current Xbox or buy a whole new Xbox 360 with a Kinect sensor. What's great about this system is that it can be used as an add-on to the Xbox or you can buy a brand-new console. Usually when a new platform hits the scene, your old one becomes obsolete and just ends up collecting dust. This time, you can get full usage out of what you have.

5. Everyone will want to come over to your house. We expect Kinect to top every gamer's holiday wish list, and those who get it should expect to have plenty of friends wanting to stop by. Only two players can play at the same time, though, so you'll have to be nice and take turns.

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