13-Year-Old JSYK Reporter Victoria Blogs The 2010 Tween Summit

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Last month, JSYK attended the second annual Tween Summit in NYC and this year we enlisted a teen blogger, 13-year-old Victoria from Montana to write about her experience. Check out her take on the summit and video blog, including her thoughts on not being an 'energy vampire.' Nice work, Victoria!

At the beginning of the Tween Summit, all the girls wandered around, meeting each other, signing in, eating, and listening to an awesome band called Sick of Sarah. Second were the keynotes -- women who came to tell their awesome stories about following your dreams. We met Ally, Denise (founder of Allykatzz), and Jess Weiner. Then, we listened to Heather O'Reilly, who plays soccer in the Olympics, share her story on how she became such an amazing soccer star. Shortly after, Jill Long, who flies fighter planes, told us her story about wanting to fly in a plane, and to never give up your dreams.
Soon all of us were gluing, writing, drawing, and putting sparkles onto poster board on what being cool and confident means to us. We shared our views on different topics such as celebrities, fun activities, and music.

Then, Monique Coleman came in and talked to all of us girls, telling us to stay strong, talking about her charities, and a variety of other important things. As soon as we were finished, we ate lunch and listened to Sick of Sarah, and the A.L.L.Y Awards and CertifiK.A.T awards began! All different girls were given awards for their organizations and charities and I was inspired. I know other girls were too.A lot of girls loved the hip-hopping session. We learned dance moves, twirling and stomping all over the place until we were worn out! This was probably one of my most favorite parts of the summit!

For three hours, we all ran around and around to different sessions. We took pictures, got autographs from authors, designed pillows, laughed, planted plants, and have fun! Soon our parents joined us in DM'ing and we wrote inspiring messages to homeless girls on jeans.

At 6:00, I went over to the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at New York University and interviewed Mitchel Musso, Tiffany Thornton, Fefe Dobson, Kicking Daisies, and Monique Coleman! At first, I was super nervous, but they were all so nice and relaxed and honest as well. I loved talking to all of them!

Only a few minutes after I interviewed them, the concert began! It was a blast, singing and dancing and helping pick winners for the raffle! Then the day was over and we all went to our hotels or homes.

I learned during this inspiring day that I really want to start a charity or join one. I also learned that I should be good to myself and make myself feel good. I should be a positive role model and listen to positive people and not be an energy vampire. I will remember all of this forever.

Following your dreams and goals was a big topic at the summit. We should follow what we believe in and pursue what we want to do forever. I have goals and dreams to be an actress or fashion designer. I will continue acting, drawing, and sewing so I can reach my goals. Whatever my dreams are, I can reach them.



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