No Big Surprise Here, Teens Still Read for Fun

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Traditional book reading is down for teens, but that doesn't mean you're not reading. Experts say instead of flipping a page in a book, you're taking advantage of modern technology.

"It's not that they're reading less; they're reading in a different way," says Kim Patton, president of the Young Adult Library Services Association."They could be reading on the cell phone, in games, on the Web, on the computer. It doesn't mean they're not reading, but they're not reading using the printed page."

Um, isn't this kinda obvious? Sure, you're swamped with schoolwork, activities, and more, but just look at the mega success of Twilight and The Percy Jackson series. Clearly teens still love a good book.
And what about text messages? How many of those do you read a day? And blogs? Do they count as reading time, too? Michael Kamil, an education researcher at Stanford, says yes.

"It's all important," he says. In that case, kudos to you for reading this right now.

Do you make time to read for fun? JSYK's editor Stacy just finished the popular sci-fi trilogy Hunger Games and is now eager to jump into 'Halo' by Alexandra Adornetto. Have you read those yet? %Poll-55363%


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