Today Starts National Drug Facts Week. Are Drugs A Problem At Your School?

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"I know a bunch of girls are doing a lot of drugs and drinking," one JSYK reader tells us. "It's ridiculous. they make up the dumbest excuses on why it's ok to do it. 'omg life is so hard my parents are making me get a job for the summer,' 'my parents hate me they bought me the wrong color car.' please get a life. and then there's the kids who tried drugs because they were bored. oh and hear this new excuse I'm hearing a lot. the government is lying you won't get cancer or liver disease, etc. I'm trying to get into a healthier lifestyle so I'm steering clear of all that rubbish."

MTV and the Partnership at, as well as other organizations, are joining forces to create National Drug Facts Week, running now until Sunday, November 14. Its purpose is to give you the straight truth about drugs and drug abuse.
Have a question about teen drug use? Go here to check out information about tomorrow's live chat with thousands of other teens.

Tell us: Does your school or town have a big problem with teens using drugs? Does your school provide you with plenty of info about drugs?

PS: Are you on Twitter? Use the hashtag #DrugFacts2010 to promote NDFW awareness.


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