Students Suspended at Forks High School Over T-Shirt Controversy

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A group of students were suspended from Forks High School -- yes, that Forks High School -- in Washington for wearing Sex Pistols T-shirts.

Between 10 and 25 teens protested their suspension for rocking the punk band's tee on Tuesday. The group wore the shirts as a show of support after senior Devin Chastain was initially suspended for wearing one.

"I'm suspended for three days for making a peaceful protest," Devin explains. "Sex Pistols is not a sexual innuendo. It is a homage to an important band."

His mom Staci supports her son's protest. "Most of us parents are wondering if it is really that important, but if they want to fight for their rights, we are behind them," she says.

Officials at the school have a much different opinion. "Because of the nature of what was on the shirts and the way in which they were distributed and how that was causing a disruption -- that is when the administration took action," declares Superintendent Diana Reaume.
Was it wrong for the school to suspend Devin for wearing a Sex Pistols T-shirt? What about the other students who supported him?