If You Send More Than 120 Texts A School Day, Read This Now

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How often do you text? Do you send more than 120 messages in a school day? If so, new research suggests your "hyper-texting" could lead to an increased chance you'll smoke, drink alcohol, and have sex.

"It doesn't show that every kid who texts a lot will have problems," says Scott Frank, the lead author of the study. "It does depend on who they're texting with. Their choice of friends is the single most important thing. The more texting they do, the more potential for exposure to high-tech peer pressure."

High-tech peer pressure? Has someone ever used texting to push you into doing something that you really didn't want to?
The study included 4,257 Midwestern high school students, and found that hyper-texting students are twice as likely to have already consumed alcohol.

"The startling results of this study suggest that when left unchecked texting and other widely popular methods of staying connected can have dangerous health effects on teenagers," Scott states.

Do you agree with the study: Can texting so much lead to making bad decisions?



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