The Beatles Take Over iTunes; Will You Buy Their Digital Music?

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On Monday, Apple posted a message on its homepage that read: "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget." While Macheads were freaking out about the note, others felt that it was overdramatic, especially for what they were about to announce. However, this day is still the culmination of three years of negotiating between Apple and the Beatles.

According to Billboard, the Beatles are one of the biggest catalog selling acts of all time, even though they have not allowed their music to be sold or streamed digitally until today. That means that people have been consistently buying their albums on vinyl or CD for all these years.

But if so many people have the records, will they be buying them on iTunes? In 2009, the band released digitally remastered versions of their studio albums. Those who bought those CDs most likely converted them into MP3s. So who will be downloading the songs through iTunes?

Well, the Beatles remain one of the most influential bands ever, and even though tons of people own their music, there are many who still don't. The single download option will be huge among casual fans, and those who didn't opt for the CD remasters can get them all with the click of a button now.

Where do you stand? Do you already own the Beatles' music, or are you going to be downloading it now that it's available on iTunes? Is this something you've been waiting for?

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