Nine-Year-Old Boy Successfully Swims From Alcatraz Island to Shore

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A 9-year-old boy recently did what many prisoners could only dream about -- he safely swam across the deadly waters between Alcatraz and the San Francisco shore.

Alcatraz Island
is a small island located in the San Francisco Bay, and today is considered a historic site. Civil War prisoners were sent there beginning in 1861. In 1934, it became a federal prison and supposedly no escape was ever successfully carried out in large part due to the extremely dangerous waters surrounding the island.

It took Daniel Bessonov and his coach Jordan Wood 41 minutes to swim the approximate 2 miles from the island to the shore.
"The treachery of the currents is what makes it dangerous," Daniel's coach explains. "That's why the prisoners couldn't do it. They would have had to know the tide cycles."

Daniel admits that he felt nervous before dipping into the cold water. "Before I got in the boat, I thought, 'I can handle this.' But when I saw it was such a long distance, it was scary."

This brave 9-year-old is up for trying the mission again next year, but do you think that's a good idea? We're seeing a major trend in adventurous kids and teens setting out to conquer their goals, but this comes with a huge risk. Sixteen-year-old Abby Sunderland attempted to become the youngest person to sail around the world alone, but ended up missing at sea after a storm. Thankfully she was found alive and healthy, but how young is too young when it comes to such dangerous situations?



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