The Newly-Released 'I Am Number Four' Teaser Is Pretty Much Amazing In Our Opinion

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While checking Facebook last night, we came across this new I Am Number Four featurette -- featuring amazing new footage from the movie.

Seriously, we cannot wait to see this movie. It looks (dare we say it) Twilight-esque. And not in a bad way. In an exciting, high-school-drama, romance-action-supernatural amazing way.
Set in Paradise, Ohio (which doesn't really exist - sorry Ohio, no amazing tourism for you like Forks, Washington experienced), the movie centers around Alex Pettyfer's alien character as he discovers his powers and falls in love with the the high school's popular indie chick Sara, played by Dianna Agron. So what are the chances of Dianna breaking into a choreographed song and dance number during 'I Am Number Four?' In a word: slim. We asked her about it. It's not really that kind of flick though.

"I dont know," she told JSYK when we were on the set with her in July. "It depends on what part of the film because she falls pretty hard for Alex's character John, but you know, there is that somewhat angst-y in a good way... this film reminds me 'Breakfast Club' and 'Rebel Without a Cause' and all of those kind of misfit type movies which, in a way, it could be compared to Glee because its about the underdogs and the characters that are confident enough to explore what they really feel a part of, but I dont know she's definitely not the sing-songy type of girl so she'd probably grab her camera and blast music in her room."

Check out the video below and get excited for the movie that crashes (literally, we were on set while they filmed a crash scene) into theaters on February 18, 2011.



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