Exclusive: Radio Silence NYC Talk About Their New Video 'Renegade'

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Radio Silence NYC have just released their new video, 'Renegade,' which is a song that the New York natives wrote about bullying. Now, these four 16-year-old rockers -- Zach (vocals/guitar), Dylan (guitar), Tim (bass/guitar), and Wyatt (drums) -- have teamed up with Do Something to spread their positive vibes.

"We wrote the song over the summer calling out the hate we see daily," singer Zach says. "As we were thinking of a concept for the video, these stories started surfacing and we felt like we had to get our message out there. This is real and people need to understand that."
In addition to releasing their new vid, the band has also filmed a PSA for Do Something, which the band hopes will inspire teens to take action against being mistreated. Check out the music video below, and read our exclusive interview with Wyatt to find out what he had to say about 'Renegade' and all the recent bullying-related headlines.

Have any of you been victims of bullying?

I've been made fun of and pushed around, but usually by friends. Guys always rip on each other. Luckily, I have never truly been bullied.

How did you feel when you heard about all the tragic suicides related to bullying?

I thought the stories were awful, and I can't imagine being in those kids' shoes. The fact that someone can be so hateful or mean as to drive a person to suicide doesn't make sense to me. One case that stood out especially was the student who committed suicide at Rutgers. The idea that any person or group of people could film a person's first (or any) homosexual experience, and then release it to the school and world is appalling and revolting.

What do you hope people will get from watching your video?

Hopefully they love what they hear, but we want people to hear this message coming from teenagers and understand this isn't a media created story but a real issue. Instead of ignoring bullies and haters, we want people to take a stand and stamp out the negativity. We really want people to do something.

When can we expect to hear more music from you guys?

We've been working extremely hard in and out of the studio, writing and recording a new album. We have a bunch of awesome songs in final production right now that we plan on releasing slowly as we build our audience. We'll keep you updated throughout the process! %Poll-55959%


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