Will 'Prom' Be Like The Real Thing?

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The first official trailer for Disney's 'Prom' premiered on MySpace this morning -- we want to know what you think about the movie from the trailer. Will the movie depict an accurate high school Prom experience? Do Aimee Teegarden ('Friday Night Lights') who plays Nova and Thomas McDonell (in his first big acting role ever) have good chemistry?

We were lucky enough to get the lowdown on the film, but we can't share all the deets just yet. Check JSYK for the latest 'Prom' info in the months to come including cast interviews and more exclusives, but in the meantime, here's what we know so far:
1. The movie has a lot of characters. Just like any popular teen, Nova has a lot of people in her crew. The plot might get complicated due to all the storylines (like Valentines Day), but high school is complicated, right?

2. The soundtrack will be killer. One thing we can reveal is that the movie will not have a typical Disney soundtrack, but will try to incorporate songs from indie artists as well. The film's director is even taking suggestions from the stars of the movie!

3. This is not High School Musical. The movie's authentic approach to the high school genre is really refreshing. We'll have to see exactly how real it gets (will everyone end up with their perfect prom experience?), but so far our hopes are high this movie won't be totally and annoyingly unrealistic.

4. The movie's unknowns won't be unknown for long. Thomas is a total natural, not to mention adorable. We will refer to him from here on out as Johnny Depp 2.0. And Raini Rodrigeuz and Janelle Ortiz (hello, America's next top sweetheart) will also have huge careers we predict.

5. Nova's style rocks. We spotted this purebred dog tote Amy is carrying in the trailer. The bag is adorable, but do you use a tote bag vs. a backpack for your school bag? Let us know in the comments.

The bag is sadly no longer available, but if it's popular enough from the movie, maybe the designer will make more. 'Prom' is set to release on April 29th, 2011. Will you check it out?


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