JSYK Readers Think Underage Drinking Is 'Dumb'

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A couple of weeks ago, we posted a story about Emma Watson's thoughts on drinking and Miley Cyrus' recent beer-sipping sighting in Spain. This opened up a discussion on the legal drinking age in the U.S. and underage drinking as a whole. The bottom line: our readers think drinking before age 21 is 'dumb.'

When we asked you if you thought the drinking age should be lowered to 18, nearly 49 percent of you said no, and that 18-year-olds are too young to know how to drink. The other half of our readers were divided on the subject.
Twenty-eight percent of you said that being an adult at 18 should also mean being old enough to consume alcohol, while 23 percent of you were torn between both sides of the argument. All in all, though, most of our commenters are against underage drinking.

"I think Emma made the right choice," JSYK reader Vael wrote. "If you can't follow the laws of your home country, can you be considered repectful of them? I believe that Emma is a good person and that Miley has already jumped off the deep end. Disobeying the law... Underage drinking is not good for you. Even when you're at the legal age you shouldn't go overboard. Not only do I believe that you should respect the law but you should also keep your health in mind. Drinking isn't healthy, so think before you drink."

Ellensoccer45045 comment

Other readers like Ellensoccer45045 agrees. "Drinking underage is not just illegal, but it's also just plain dumb," she said. "So many have died from careless underage drinkers, and lowering the age limit would just pose more threats to our society. STAY SOBER!!!"

However, one of our native European readers doesn't feel the same. "I think driving by the age of 16 is irresponsible!" Alexis wrote. "Being from Europe it is a big change coming over here and been treated like a child again. In my opinion, 18 is old enough to experience alcohol. But a 16 year old shouldn't be allowed to drive a vehicle."

Now that you've heard from your peers, what else do you guys have to say about the subject? Does Alexis have a point? Or do you side with Vael and Ellensoccer45045? %Poll-55573%


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