Exclusive Video Premiere: 'Celebrate' by Mitchel Musso

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Hey, Mitchel Musso fans: if you want to get close to the 19-year-old singer/songwriter, don't bother giving him your number -- just lose your journal. This will make sense after you watch JSYK's exclusive premiere of Mitchel's 'Celebrate' video (the follow-up vid to 'Get Away' and 'Got Your Heart') from his Brainstorm album.

If you haven't been following the story (spread out over eight videos -- this is only the third), the easiest way to catch up would probably just be to watch the aforementioned videos. However, if you're pressed for time and can only watch this one, here's the rundown: a mystery redhead leaves a mystery red journal at Mitchel's house with the Twitter name @Brainstorm717 doodled in it. He (@dreammaker8) hits her up on Twitter and they've been Twitter-flirting ever since, until this video where they actually meet up.

We already know from flashbacks in earlier videos that the two are going to start dating, but now we're waiting to see if one of them breaks up with each other over Twitter... and also if when all eight videos are released, one giant video featuring all of the mini videos will be released Kanye West style.
Check out the video below and read our exclusive Q&A with Mitchel where he talks about the concept for the videos and also reveals his upcoming tour plans. And watch Mitchel perform 'Celebrate' live here.

How did the concept for the eight videos come about?
When I started the brainstorming creative process for this album, I wanted it to be one fluid story from the beginning to the end.. I wanted to add a visual element to this story, so I decided to make eight music videos for all the eight songs.

What happens in video three?
In the 3rd part, I deliver the girl's journal to her at her house, where she's having an intimate celebration. When I get there, I spot her, and she comes over to me, and you can see that there's a connection there...

Would you ever break up with someone through a tweet?
I haven't yet..you'll have to wait and see :)

What is the craziest fan tweet you've ever received?
I wouldn't call anything crazy, because I appreciate all the support that the fans show me.

Are you going to tour again soon?
Yes, actually, I'm doing a few upcoming dates. On December 4th, I'm having a big home town concert and celebration, and on December 18th, I'm doing a show in LA at the Americana.. and on January 12th, I'm performing in front of 33,000 people at the first event to kick off Super Bowl festivities. In fact, I have included a silver ticket to this show in one of my CDs. The winner will be my guest at this concert. You guys should keep checking back with me for more dates for concerts.

Click here to share this video on Twitter. Use the hashtag #Brainstorm to start the conversation. Mitchel's CD hits Wal-mart today. Listen to the entire album before you buy with AOL Music's listening party. %Poll-56142%


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