Get Ready For More Blaine. Darren Criss Takes On 'Hey, Soul Sister'

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Fifty-eight percent of you would rather Blaine become Kurt's boyfriend than a platonic mentor.

How come? Because you're craving more Darren Criss on Glee.

Alice said, "Darren is soooo cute! i am very glad that he will be staying and i really want to see a romantic relationship between blaine and kurt!"

Another Gleek adds, "I think they'd make a great couple! The characters on the show both seem like really good guys, and in any case, I just want to see more of Darren Criss! He's awesome!!!"

Looks like a lot of you are digging Darren. Not to mention the bunches of girls swooning over him in L.A. the other day.

JSYK reader Keelin agrees, "I think that he should be Kurt's boyfriend because they seem to have a great connection and it would make Kurt very happy. Also, Darren would probably be featured in the show more if he is Kurt's boyfriend rather than mentor, and that is always a good thing =)"
You'll be pumped to know we got our hands on a preview of Blaine's next big performance. He sings Train's "Hey, Soul Sister" with Kurt as a backup at Sectionals. We love Blaine/Darren, but Kurt's so not meant to do backup vocals.

Take a look and tell us what you think. Is it time for Kurt to transfer back to McKinley?


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