Justin Bieber Did Not Get A Haircut, He Just Had A Bad Hair Day

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Update on Feb 21, 2011: Justin actually got a haircut, click here to check it out.

Justin Bieber made news with a new hairstyle on Friday when he appeared at a New York City Barnes and Noble to promote his book 'First Step 2 Forever.' The problem: he didn't cut his hair. The 16-year-old's slightly parted 'do looked like a new haircut on the singer, but Justin's manager quickly dispelled the rumors.

"He brushes his hair in the opposite direction and the whole world thinks he has a hair cut," Scooter Braun tweeted. "No haircut. Just needs to shake his head."

Justin does look different in the photo above, but if you check out his hair closely, the cut is pretty much the same as his usual sideswept locks. Justin's "new look" can be attributed to the opposite direction his bangs are facing and the appearance of hair product in the front, which JB has told us he doesn't use.
"No product at all in this," he said while flipping his hair in an interview with GMTV earlier this year.

Just days later, Justin was photographed sporting his classic 'do in London while performing on 'X Factor,' and in Spain on Monday when he was presented with a gold record. Here is a shot of JB in Madrid with his signature hair. Same ol' Justin.

justin bieber madrid spain

So, what's all the fuss about? Just as Scooter said, the "whole world" thought the Canadian sensation got a haircut. And what if he did? Would it be a huge deal? Maybe. Justin is known for his shake-and-go style, so seeing any sort of change would get Beliebers talking.

What do you think? Would you like to see Justin with a new haircut? We think a fresh look for 2011 might be a fun way to switch things up a bit. What about you? What would JB look like with a buzz cut? Or simply shorter locks? Take our poll and leave a message about what you think his next look should be in the comments. %Poll-56279%


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