North Carolina School Bans Lip Balm. Huh? Why?

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What's the biggie about bringing lip balm and cough drops to school? In one North Carolina school, they're a public health scare.

"Parents were afraid that children would share the Chapstick and spread germs," spokeswoman Terri Sessoms said.

There is a loophole: Lip balm and cough drops are allowed -- but only with a note from a parent or doctor.
"By requiring written permission from the parents, parents would be aware that their children had Chapstick and would be able to remind them not to share it with other children," she continued. "This would also be a way for teachers to be aware so that they could deter students from sharing it with others."

Not every parent at the Johnston County school thinks the new rule is a smart idea. "Is it me or has common sense just gone out the window lately? They seem to ban something new every single year," said one student's mom.

Does your school have any crazy rules?


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