Texas High School Sets Record for Most Twins and Triplets in Class

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The junior class at Pearce High School in Richardson, TX set a Guinness World Record. For what? Having the most multiple-birth students in a single class. The junior class, consisting of 429 students, has 10 sets of twins and even one set of triplets, Bradley, David and Luke Bailey.

Student Jessica Saucier, who has a twin sister named Rebecca, said she gets called by her sister's name every day -- "I pretty much answer to both names," she said.
There must be something in the water in Richardson, TX -- the junior class may have the most multiple-birth students, but the other grades have numbers to brag about also. The senior class has six sets of twins, and the freshman and sophomore classes both have seven sets. Crazy!

Senior Assistant Principal Chakosha Powell says having so many sets of twins does create confusion at the school. "I only call them by last names, because I don't know the identical ones apart."%Poll-56252%


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