Exclusive: Burnham Checks in From Justin Bieber's My World Tour

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Burnham just hopped off of Justin Bieber's My World Tour, and the guys had the best time ever. Don't believe us? Well, they've sent us some tour diary entries from the road, along with a bunch of cool photos capturing what went on behind the scenes.

The Vermont trio has been enjoying the success of their hit single, 'Catch Me If You Can,' and are looking forward to releasing their debut album next year. For now, they're spreading their pop sounds around the country on awesome tours like this.

While the shows on the My World Tour were super exciting, Alex tells us there was also a lot of downtime, so the brothers played a ton of street hockey, and flew their new remote control helicopters aroung in between shows. They even played keep-away with Jaden Smith on Segways!

Check out Alex, Forrest and Andre's sweet photos, and read about what else happened on the road in their own words below. 'Catch Me If You Can' is available on iTunes now.
burnham on tourAlex: Hey! What's up! I'm writing this from our tour bus in Oklahoma City! This last week has been awesome! The shows have been so much fun and we're are starting to get into the swing of things. There is a lot of down time before the shows so we've been playing a lot of street hockey in the arena parking lots and recently we got these remote control helicopters. They are awesome! (Yeah i'm such a geek!) It's really cool in the arena because you can fly them wicked high! Then they fall and break but they were cool while they lasted ;) This last drive on the bus lasted two days. From San Diego to Oklahoma City is quite a haul. It was a pretty cool drive (a lot of desert) Now we are here. Getting ready for the next show. See you then!

Andre: So the first thing you should know about this week is that we bought remote control helicopters! Yes, we still play toys. But seriously, THEY ARE AWESOME! We were flying them in the tour bus, outside, in the San Diego Sports Arena, in our dressing room... pretty much everywhere! We DID break one... or two... BUT we returned them and got new ones so it's ALL GOOD!

As I'm sure you can tell, this tour has been so fun! It's been awesome to get to know everyone on the tour! Everyone from the sound crew to the other acts! The funny thing is everyone is always cruising down the hall on Segways, (two-wheeled scooters that are awesome!) I was thinking that we should get one for the tour but then Forrest so wisely pointed out that we are the only ones who have flying helicopters! NOTHING tops that!

Also before every show we do a VIP meet & greet with the fans from the first four rows! It is really cool to be able to talk and get to know the fans before we go on, especially since they are sitting so close to the stage and we will be able to recognize them during the show! Well, we are in Oklahoma City and have to get ready for another show! See ya later! Or as the English would say, "Cheers!"

Forrest: The tour's been great what more can I say. We got some remote control helicopters and they are the bomb! We're flying them down the hall and the crew are laughing at us but when we ask them if they want to try them they say sure but after a few seconds they don't want to give them back, so the moral of this story is you're never too young to fly remote control helicopters.

Alex: We have been having an awesome time on tour! The show are amazing! Thousands of people! Lot's of screaming and lights! It's so cool! Of course, we're not always performing. We have time for other things too like sports and pranks! Our biggest #fail prank was when we tried to get the head of security! Me and Andre distracted him while Forrest came up behind him with an air horn! He didn't even flinch. He said he saw Forrest reflection in our eyes and saw his shadow! MAN!!!!!!! That guy is like a ninja or something! Well, see ya!

Andre: Tour Memory Of The Day: One of the coolest things that happened on this tour was seeing our t-shirts for the first time! Of course we don't have nearly as much t-shirts as Justin, but it was amazing seeing them get unloaded into the merchandise area and even COOLER to see fans in the audience wearing them! Now all we need is a few Burnham bobble-heads to sell! Just kidding ;)

Forrest: So far the tour's been great! For downtime backstage we got a bunch of hockey sticks, and pucks, we set up a net and started goofing around. We played some keep away with Jaden Smith on his Segway, that's a new sport hockey played on Segways.

Also there is a masseuse and a chiropractor on the tour, so I got a massage it was awesome! Then the chiropractor did some painful things to my neck and said, 'There you're good as new!' So that night I went on stage feeling like jello.

So we've been doing a bunch of pranks the best one so far was done by our Dad and bus driver Greg. Greg ran to the back of the bus while we were going 50 miles an hour on a highway yelling that he was sick and that someone needed to take the wheel!!! Well that scared us all stiff when we ran to the front our dad was sitting in the drivers seat laughing his head off.

Also Nelson the head of security goes around grabbing people saying give me your money!

But all in all, despite the scary person running around trying to get your money, the tour's been awesome!



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