Z100's Jingle Ball Concert Will Air on TV, But Minus Justin Bieber

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In October, Z100 posted a silhouetted image of this year's performers, and surprisingly, almost 50 percent of you said you didn't want Justin to be on the lineup.

"UGH! I mean i luv Katy Perry but i hate JB and he is soooo stupid and if he performs," JessicaR750 wrote. "I just want to chuck something at him."

"He's still around? I was hoping that by the time i surfaced from being put into a bieber overload coma he would be gone," FabulousPotato added.

Well, non-Beliebers, your wish has (sort of) been granted. Check out 'Fuse Presents: Z100's Jingle Ball Live From Madison Square Garden' on Fuse on Thursday, December 16 at 9 p.m. ET. Are you excited to be able to see the show?

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