Exclusive: Alex Pettyfer Shows Us His Real Life 'Beastly' Scars

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"I've got a lot of scars," Alex Pettyfer told us when we were on the set of 'I Am Number Four' in July. "You want a juicy story? I have a scar across my face, it's very thin,I was playing samurai with my little brother in the back garden, he slashed my face open. I was like 12. I'm an adrenaline junkie I got scars from doing stupid things like bungee jumping."

We were hard pressed to see the actual scar, but not so much in the promo shots for Alex's upcoming movie, 'Beastly' with Vanessa Hudgens. In the movie, his scars play a pretty big role -- he plays a pretty boy that is cursed by a witch, transformed into a scarred and pierced freak with one year to find someone to love him (the movie is a modern re-telling of 'Beauty and the Beast').

Wondering if Alex would ever get to play a normal human, he plays an alien in #4, we asked him whether he preferred his monster roles to less-beastly characters.
"Yeah, it's weird," he told us. "There's always something off about playing different people but at the end of the day I'm twenty years of age and would normally be in school... why not play an alien or beast or just have fun instead of just doing these boring scripts where we're all in high school and there's jocks. I love the movies I make and I'm very, very thankful and lucky for the position I'm in to be able play the parts I've been given. To experience what I've experienced with 'Beastly' --becoming someone else and shaving my head, it's a very tramatic experience for anyone to shave their head -- and to kind of deform yourself was weird."

Our friends over at Moviefone have once again tipped us off to another movie trailer premiere! It's not entirely different from the one we posted about back in August, but it still made us really excited to see this flick.

Count down to the movie's 2011 release on Moviefone's 'Beastly' page here.



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