Exclusive: Burnham Steal Justin Bieber's Segway on My World Tour

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Burnham are recuperating after jumping off Justin Bieber's My World Tour, and the guys have been giving us a sneak peek at all the behind-the-scenes action with their own personal tour diary entries.

In their new blog, the Vermont trio talks about everything from their tour bus to the food they've been getting on the road, but one of the coolest stories is from Andre. He says he and Jasmine Villegas borrowed one of Justin's Segways and had a blast with it while JB wasn't around.

What did they do with it? You'll have to keep reading to find out. Get the inside scoop and flip through the guys' personal tour photos below. Need some reading music? Check out Burnham's latest single 'Catch Me If You Can' on iTunes now.
Forrest: One of the shows I've been looking forward to the most is the Boston show. Our mom and sisters came out to that show along with tons of family. We couldn't fit everyone on the bus! And our bus is 45 feet long! One of the problems with that show, though, was that to get to the buses from the arena, we hade to go outside to where all the fans were waiting and make a mad dash for it. It was really fun getting to the buses that night!

Andre: Tour Memory Of The Day: As I'm sure you all know, Justin has Segways he rides around on. Well the other day Jasmine and I somehow managed to get a hold of one! Segways are the BOMB! It is the best feeling in the world to cruise along in the venue and weave in and out of all the equipment! I even towed Jasmine on a skateboard! The BEST part is we didn't get in trouble, even when I crashed it!

Alex: What's going on! It's been a really cool week! Also, it was very busy! We did some radio and tv interviews in Philly and Jersey which was really fun! I had my first actual Philly cheesesteak. I spend most of my free time in catering when we get to the arenas. The food is awesome! They cook everything fresh and it's where everybody hangs out. If you want some conversation, just head to the mess hall! Jersey was also one of the shows that I got nervous for! Everybody was there from Island Def Jam and I didn't want to mess up! I didn't need to be nervous though! That was a great show! I can't wait for Atlantic city! Should be awesome!



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