San Francisco High School Runner Crawls to Finish Line For State Win

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Last Saturday, Holland Reynolds, one of San Francisco University High School's top runners, showed what true determination is. The 16-year-old junior collapsed just a few feet from the finish line at her cross-country meet, but instead of giving up, she found the strength to crawl past the line to help her team win the state championships.

"I just kept on telling myself, 'I need to finish and I need to cross the line,'" Reynolds told ABC News. "I don't remember falling, but then I remember crawling across the line."
A video of the meet shows Holland doing well for a good part of the 3.1-mile race, but she started to feel strange about three-quarters of the way in.

"By the 2 1/2 mile mark I really didn't feel as great as I should have," she said. "My leg started to feel really, really heavy. I was going to try and get right up behind the girl in first place, but I felt like I couldn't run fast anymore."

You can see Holland struggling and slowing down in the video before she collapses just outside of the track. An official rushes to her side to talk to her. Then you see her rising to her hands and knees to cross the finish line. EMTs immediately attended to the impressive runner at the finish line, and she was later diagnosed with dehydration and light hypothermia from running in the cold weather.

If Holland had received assistance on the track, she would have been disqualified, meaning her points would not count toward her team's total. But, because she crossed the line herself, her points helped secure University High's big win.

Watch the video of Holland's memorable race below. What do you think of this amazing teen? Are you as proud of her as we are? Do you have your own story of personal triumph? Share it with us in the comments.



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