You Say School Should Not Ban Perfume Over Student's Allergy

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A few days ago we told you about J.Z., a student at Northrop High School in Indiana whose mom is suing the school to ban perfume and cologne. J.Z. is highly allergic to the scents and has suffered several attacks at school.

J.Z.'s mom claims that the school is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but 66 percent of you disagree.
"This kid sounds like he is highly allergic to more than just perfume," one reader commented. "That being said, should the school and students be banned from serving or bringing in food that may cause an allergic reaction to someone? When will it stop? I feel sorry for this kid but should everyone elses rights be taken away? Home schooling or a school for special needs sounds more appropriate."

Another agreed, writing, "Although I want J.Z to be able to go to school, you have to think of the majority. There isn't a time when I don't think about spraying some Vanilla Twilight on myself, and I rarely do, but you can't ban a whole student populus doing something just becasue of one student. J.Z should be homeschooled if his mother feels this strongly about this issue."

Others -- including readers who also suffer perfume and cologne allergies and those aware of other health risks involved -- say the school should ban the fragrances.

"I think most of the people who are saying that it should be allowed are people who want to keep their perfumes and such, or don't have any reactions to it. Neither do I, but most schools already have a policy on those types of things. Not only allergies, which may or may not be apparent in this situation, but skin reactions can also be a problem. Teens just have to save the sprays for home. Think about the people it can affect, rather than how you want to smell. As small as it is, this kind of stuff happens. I am highly allergic to perfumes, colognes, scented laundry detergent, etc. Maybe the mother has approached the school before and gotten no response, so she sued them to get the attention of the higher ups in the chain of command. If it protects her son, kudos to her!!!!!"

Have you changed your mind after reading all the comments? Should J.Z.'s school ban other students from wearing perfume and cologne?



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