'Vampire Diaries' Deets: Tyler Lockwood's Transformation into a Wolf Happens Next Week

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Thanks to Uncle Mason's video diary and journal, Tyler knows exactly what's coming for him during the next full moon. And judging by what Michael Trevino is revealing about his 'The Vampire Diaries' character, it will suck for Tyler Lockwood but be awesome for us viewers.

"We shot the transformation over two days," Michael said. "All I can say is it doesn't happen really quick, this transformation. It's long and it's painful and it's bad. Poor Tyler, he just goes to hell and back. It's rough, but I think you're going to like it. As far as prosthetics and CGI, I think it's good, it's top-notch. They didn't waste a penny on it, that's for sure, they didn't go the cheap route, and I think it's going to look really good."
Will vampire Caroline stick around to help her friend (and budding love interest?) deal with the intense pain? We're not sure, but Candice Accola does say about their relationship, "Obviously it's a giant transformation for Caroline's life to become supernatural. And Tyler is going through a similar transformation, and so they can kind of bond on this new part of their life, which they really couldn't bond on anything else before. So it's created a lovely parallel for a great friendship."

JSYK reader SKYLARBLUE is hoping Tyoline happens. "i do want them to hook up and i want elena and damon together," she told us.

Check out a preview from next week's episode, called "By the Light of the Moon." Are you psyched for Mystic Falls to finally have its own teen wolf to thicken the supernatural storylines?



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