Do Vampires Suck? Tweet Us If You Are Over The Vamp Trend

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Small confession: I don't like the vampire genre. Yes, I love the Twilight Saga and 'Vampire Diaries,' but I like them more for the actors involved and the relationships that play out. I am not (and never have been) fascinated with the vampire sub-culture.

So here we are three movies into the Twilight franchise and well into the second season of Vampire Diaries and I am losing interest. I used to watch 'Vamp Diaries' religiously every Thursday -- I will admit to even lighting a candle or two before sitting down to enjoy the episode. These days, I still DVR it but am slower and slower to actually watch the episode. Likewise, I saw 'Eclipse' twice in the theaters, but over the weekend I couldn't bring myself to watch my shiny new DVD copy.

Which prompted me to instead search Twitter to see what people were saying about 'Vampires Suck' and all things vamp. Keep reading for those funny tweets and our 'Do you hate vampires' poll.
Surprisingly, we found two Bieber-related tweets about vampires. One from @Sheen99 -- "A world free of vampires and bieber. #thingsimiss" and one from @LuvDisneyx -- "I know of Bieber Fever, but what do you call it for vampires (Twilight, Vamp Diaries)?"

We're not really sure what we call it, but it seems like a lot of people are over the vampire trend. Are you as over it as @Namine120409, who tweeted, "Dear Vampires, Nobody wants to kiss dead, sparkly things. Get a life. #OHWAIT."

And a very TMI tweet, @xoNellyLove wrote, "Have you ever sucked/licked your own blood? I don't taste anything... Idk why vampies like it so much." Blech.

If you're as over vampires as these tweeters are, send us your own tweet about why you hate vamps with the hashtag #vampiressuckjsyk - we'll retweet the ones we like the best.

Meanwhile, check out this exclusive clip from 'Vampires Suck,' available on DVD and Blu-ray now.



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