Exclusive: Forever the Sickest Kids Share Their Ultimate Holiday Wish List

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Forever the Sickest Kids are currently on the road, and riding high on the release of their latest single 'Keep on Bringing Me Down,' but the band will be heading home just in time for the holidays. The Texas natives are gearing up for the release of their new self-titled album, due out next year, but they also have something else to be excited about: Christmas.

"Christmas, for me, is a time of reconnecting with family, leaving the road for a while and reflecting on what a great year we have all been blessed with," lead singer Jonathan Cook tells JSYK. "I love the fact that, at the end of the year, you are then able to give back by giving to the less fortunate. Christmas, to me ,is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ by modeling his giving spirit through love for others."
Guitarist Marc Stewart couldn't agree more. "Some of my favorite things about Christmas is getting my family and friends together," he says. "Being on the road pulls you away from them for most of the year, so seeing everyone in a cheerful mood brightens my day up!"

For bassist Austin Bello, the holidays are a time to practice his favorite family rituals. "Every Christmas, my family has a tradition that we all sip on some egg nog and enjoy cinnamon sticks in my living room while making fun of each other, laughing 'til our insides hurt, and being thankful for all of God's blessings in our lives," he shares. "We usually pray and then go eat late-night Denny's. Woo hoo!"

Check out Forever the Sickest Kids' Christmas wish list below, and download the band's latest single on iTunes now. What do you think of their holiday picks?

Forever the Sickest Kids' Holiday Wish Listforever the sickest kids wish list

1. A cardboard cut-out of Bill Murray from the movie 'What about Bob,' wearing his "Don't Hassle Me, I'm Local" t-shirt.

2. A bathtub full of crispy bacon, for obvious reasons.

3. Scratch-and-sniff taco flavored car interior.

4. A guitar that we could play using only our minds.

5. A teleportation station that would fly us back 2010 years to actually be able to see first-hand the birth of Jesus.

6. 5,000 freckled leprechauns to be my ferocious sidekicks during my quest of saving the world from dangerous danger.

7. A handful of cinnamon toast crunch on demand.

8. A light saber made out of Peach Os to slash the world with chewy peachy goodness.

9. A home recording studio lavished with beef jerky; red curtains made out of silk; a keg of Fanta always on tap; and a homeless man doing a polka dance in the vocal booth.

10. Moon boots. ;) %Poll-56742%


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